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Here we are with the new and improved version of our PixelPot. With an innovative bio resin design, PixelPot is gonna be your plants new best friend by creating a perfect condition to let them grow better, with less waste of water ad time.

PixelPot it’s a help we wanna give you, because plants can improve your health: they’re beautiful, but they’re not just for the beauty of your house. They’re for you, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the green thumb: with our PixelPot you will not need it.

PixelPot is a robot head, available in different colours and completely handmade. It’s poured by hand, colored by hand. And it’s designed to be used in hydroponic or semi-hydroponic: it’s made of two interconnetted vases which create a microcirculation of water. In this way, you don’t have to water your plant too often: it will always have enough water to survive.

We designed our PixelPot to create an automated and healthy environment inside your home, recreating with PixelPot a healthy humidity regulation inside the vase, that can help the plant grow in a very easy way. We thought to all those people who’d love to have their house full of plants, but don’t have the time or the ability to take care of them. Plants are a wonderful gift: they improve the quality of your spaces and your life, they regulate temperature and humidity, and they’re a godsend for your skin and your lungs.

This PixelPot is a series of 7 unique pieces, with unique colorations. They can contain your plants and your flowers, or just be used as sculptures. Get your own!

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