Pixelpancho painted this huge wall in via Rimini, a critical part of the Italian city of Montesilvano (Abruzzo). There, he saw people without opportunities, in the same situation that – we guess – we could find in every city of the world. Here, people are forced to criminalize their own life to survive. Pixel spent one week with them, he stayed in every home, he saw mothers and fathers fighting to make their sons and their daughters survive, to give them a better life. This wall, is the artist’s hope for them. It’s a wish: you can do it. If you stay united, if you rediscover the beauty of being a strong couple, you and your family can win over this life.

Regia: Peppe Melizzi | Pilota Drone Apr: Antonio Malvestuto | Montaggio: Martina Montemagno | Color Correction: Atelier010 | Produzione esecutiva: Manta Movie | Prodotto da: Comune di Montesilvano.

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