This wall is a representation of what Hong Kong is. Pixelpancho did it for HKWalls, and he would like to give an image of a city which is the real economic heart of China. “The only war that humanity can take care of, is the war against his own extinction” says the Chinese sign under the painting. A painting which represents the contradiction of this city: Hong Kong is full of parks, it has a wonderful nature, but men persist in massing themselves in very high and overcrowded buildings. They stopped to use their bicycles, they forgot the beauty of walking among the trees: and this removal from nature will lead us to extinction.

HKwalls 2017 was only possible with the immense support of VANS Hong Kong, Eico Paint, Ovolo Southside, Montana Colors, Young Master Ales, Egg Shell Stickers, and Aveune des Arts.

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