We got in touch with Neolith in early 2018. The project could have been one of many, in which an artist is called to decorate some interior or some walls and nothing more. But this was not the case: after a tour of the fabric, we have discovered an unknown world. An innovative material whose manufacture has a zero impact on the environment. Those materials as they once were, designed to last and not to be replaced in a short time. A material that, in this way, no one produces.


The link between Neolith and our firm was practically immediate in using the material, pushing the performances almost to the limit, in the desire to create a garden sculpture that can welcome those who come to work and those who come to know the materials.


We have developed a supporting structure and elaborated the main “character / subject” of Pixelpancho, the robot, to make it stable and proportionate. Slabs of different colors were used, in shades of metal (antiqued iron, steel, corten steel), to give a sense of depth, roundness and almost a pictorial gesture to the sculpture. The first part, built at the beginning of 2020, with the precious support of Neolith’s technicians, was mounted after the decoration of the wall, a golden floral pattern made freehand, which allows you not to invade but rather envelops the structure in a chromatic similarity. At the same time we have created some tanks to contain a small semi-sufficient garden.


Once the sculpture was finished and after the lockdown, we returned to complete the installation with the plants. Native and low maintenance selections, with a small semi-automatic irrigation system to keep the soil moist in spite of the scorching heat that characterizes the area. Scraps of Neolith were used to create the flower beds, instead of the common gravel, in shades of white and beige, so as not to absorb too much heat and limit the growth of invasive plants, allowing the others to grow in their space.  Art, innovation and sustainability were the keywords of this project. The first, hopefully, of others to come up with these principles and intentions.

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